Flexible quotas, spam filtering, virus scanning, secure authentication - all for low, fixed costs

What makes our email service special?

We operate our own in-house business email systems with massive redundancy and roll back, fully managed on your behalf but also offering our super simple control panel so you can adjust/add things directly if you wish. Unusually, we set 'soft' quotas - you'll never have a 'Mailbox full' problem with our systems. Finally, our filtering (for both spam and all that nasty hacking stuff) is world class.

Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering is effective and pools information with many other anti-spam systems around the world. It can also be fine-tuned per domain.


Webmail lets our users access emails from anywhere even if you don't have your own kit with you. Just grab a nearby device and use its web browser.


Email services restrict the size of attached files. We understand that 'creatives' often work with larger files, and set our limits accordingly.

Pricing calculator

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