About Us

Versatile, reliable and secure hosting and cloud services at sensible, fixed prices

The Rack House - driven by technology...

We own and manage our own equipment, located in professional data centres both in the UK and abroad. We operate our own additional facilities to provide complete backups to all our services at separate locations.
We never overload our servers - masses of headroom and spare RAM contribute to a very snappy end-user experience. People notice and comment on this frequently.
Our solutions mirror and distribute digital video and other large files so that response times are fast - worldwide. Most of our clients are "creatives" and we aim to give them an edge...
Our systems are highly redundant. We spread our servers around multiple sites. We use hardware with extensive hot swap capabilities. We back up our backups! And increasingly we are providing roll back (just like Apple's TimeMachine®) on all services.
Enterprise grade kit and an attention to detail are what set The Rack House apart. Sure, you'll find cheaper competitors, but we believe we've set the price/performance bar at the right height, and our client list supports this claim!

Some of our clients:

  We consider the environment...