Acceptable Use Policy

Content on websites etc.

We reserve the right to remove any content or system on our servers that we consider contravenes UK, USA or European law, and or works against the interests of other users of our systems and or any other user of any other internet service providers or users, and or is considered to be unsuitable for any other reasonable reason.

In the event that we have to do this, you will be notified and we will provide you with an opportunity and means to amend your content or systems accordingly.

In the event that we remain unable to accept your content or systems on our servers, all fees prepaid for hosting will be forfeit.

Notwithstanding all of the above, legal responsibility for all content hosted on our systems rests with the operator(s) of each domain - typically the companies, individuals or organisations using the relevant service(s).

Bad behaviour etc.

Please be very clear that we will take an immediate "zero tolerance" position regarding anyone - on, via or through our systems - using any form of spam, phishing, malware or botnets for any purpose. In particular we expressly forbid the use of our mail systems to send marketing mailshots (or any other form of communication intended to solicit business) with the same content to any more than 30 individual addresses in total. You may not batch emails to get around this. Please use proper mass mailing systems if you wish to do this, with EU compliant "unsubscribe" links etc, etc. We are of course happy to recommend and if necessary help you deploy such systems - we use them ourselves!

Our decision is final.

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