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VoIP  (making phone calls over the internet)

Nearly all telephone calls you make these days are transmitted over the internet, or at least using Internet Protocol (IP). Hence Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) is no longer a strange, unreliable quirk - it's the whole future of global telephony. Be part of the revolution with TeleSphere!

TeleSphere is our "switchboard" for your IP phone system. It uses normal phone number(s) in and out, and offers all the features of a good office phone system, and then more. Voicemail can be forwarded via emails (listen to your office voicemails on your iPhone), phone handsets can be just about anywhere with a stable internet connection - they don't have to just be in your office. But when you call from a remote handset, calls to and from the office are free, and outgoing calls have your office caller ID and call charges are billed to the office system. Now you really can "work from home" without penalty.

We recommend Snom handsets (from their proven 300 series) but our system should work fine with all VoIP handsets. Call charges are generally significantly lower than with "old school" telephone service providers, and monthly line rental is replaced by very modest fees for your incoming numbers, and the cost of that stable internet connection (which you may well already have). No long contracts, and we can either rent you the "switchboard" or a whole system including all the handsets etc. It's up to you!

Download the TeleSphere data sheet for all the technical information and more...


If you're moving to VoIP you can generally keep your existing telephone number(s) and once they are "ported" they are yours for as long as you want, even if you subsequently relocate to the other side of the world.

You can also add local (cheap rate) access numbers to your system. Doing a shoot in Cape Town? Add a South African local rate phone number so all your local contractors can call your London office for next to nothing.

Minimum term for a VoIP inbound number is just one month - so cancel it again as you wrap.