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Level 3 - for web designers and resellers

This is our solution for people who need multiple sites/domains... expandable solution that grows as you do.

The more domains you host with us under one single level 3 account, the cheaper they get overall. So you make money without over-charging your customers.

We provide our resellers with their own control panel to manage their domains/customers. This gives you direct access to add new domains, users (email accounts and aliases), web space, ftp users, MySQL databases, and if you wish, control your own DNS entries.

You can't brand our systems as yours, but you'll offer our services, under your control, direct to your customers. We do all the work, raise the bills and pay commission direct to you.

Finally, please click here for details of additional storage you can add to this package.

More features:

  • SMTP outbound auth
  • Domain renewal(s)
  • Spam filtering
  • Anti-virus (attachments)
  • Webmail (IMAP)
  • MySQL database(s)
  • Nightly backups
  • SSL certificate(s)

All of the above are standard features.

from £1200 per annum