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Level 2 - your own "virtual" server

The ideal choice for businesses with more complex requirements, from 20Gb storage ...

...everything you need to get the job done online.

Take everything from level 1 and install this on your own "virtual server", together with PHP/Ruby scripting, with SSL security as well if required.

You can also add a powerful FTP/dropbox system to share digital media per client, or even per project/job, controlling who has access to what, in private, so no-one need know what other work you're doing. Sweet.

Our mail list system would be another optional extra - send direct mail with full control, management and reporting - along with the legally crucial "unsubscribe" option per user, all automated for your simplicity.

Please click here for details of additional storage you can add to this package.

More features:

  • SMTP outbound auth
  • Domain renewal
  • Spam filtering
  • Anti-virus (attachments)
  • Webmail (IMAP)
  • MySQL database(s)
  • Nightly backups
  • SSL certificate

All of the above are standard features.

from £750 per annum