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Level 1 - our established small business package

The ideal choice for the smaller business requiring up to 20Gb storage for...

...everything you need to keep a business online.

We can do this very fast once we've agreed on a domain name for you, or we can transfer your existing domain to our systems.

We set you up on a "shared server" that can grow with your requirements. And we perform nightly data backups to our offsite cluster for peace of mind.

Although the server is shared with other domains, we ensure total privacy between users, and do not allow any form of access that could compromise your data security.

All our data centres (we currently use three locations) have 24/7 on-site technical support, failsafe power systems and redundant paths to the 'net etc.

Please click here for details of additional storage you can add to this package.

More features:

  • SMTP outbound auth
  • Domain renewal
  • Spam filtering
  • Anti-virus (attachments)
  • Webmail (IMAP)
  • MySQL database(s)
  • Nightly backups
  • SSL certificate

All of the above are standard features.

from £420 per annum