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The Rack House is an established service operated by experienced technicians who design state-of-the-art server systems for a living.

We install our own equipment in carrier grade data centres just outside London - accessible in a hurry should we need to - and we mirror data around our network at night so you have peace of mind.

At the beginning of 2011 we installed kit into our new Chicago data centre and are now delivering selected content (digital video etc.) for our creative clients on our USA servers. With this topology, visitors to our clients' sites see even snappier performance regardless of location.

We provide loads of headroom on our kit, many of our power-users enjoy their own dedicated server because we believe that their traffic and privacy warrants this approach. This is, to say the least, unusual in the hosting world where your data could typically be loaded on to a server shared with many other domains.

Hosting companies often bombard you with statistics about uptime, service level agreements (SLAs) etc. We can do this too, but our reputation and track record with demanding creative clients speaks for itself.

So we'd far rather you talked to existing users about our service and we can generally arrange this quite easily if you're seriously considering using our services. They'll tell you how it really is for them, and that's what matters.

Please contact us for further details.